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About Lime Plaster. Overview of lime plasters, performance, application and aesthetic advantages. Also simplified technical data, sustainability, and origins.

The Roman Connection. A little historical chemistry lesson and the ancient use of pumice pozzolan + slaked lime for mortars and plasters.

Limestrong Build Products & Ordering. Order Limewash, Primer Grit, and Fortifier and samples of LSB Binder, LSB Finishes, and HempBinder.

Order Job-Sized Plaster Quantities. Orders over 3 bags of plaster are stacked on a pallet and shipped via an LTL freight carrier. This requires a custom freight quote. Please complete this webform to begin process.

The Limestrong Color System. The 21-color standard color library, the custom color service, a guide to formulating a custom color using the Limestrong Color System, and ONLINE ORDERING of pigments and color sample swatches.

Calculators. Online calculators to help determine product amount(s) needed, including LSB Binder, plaster sand, LSB Finish, Limewash. Also calculates color pigment needed for Finish plasters or limewash when using one of the Standard Colors.

Knowledge Base. Instructions and Use Guides, FAQs, downloadable PDF guides and other product support information.

Shipping & Returns. Details the shipping process, step-by-step, for pallet-quantity orders. Also covers the product returns policies.

Terms & Conditions. States the terms and conditions for purchase and use of Limestrong Build products.

Consultation Services. For those looking for more extensive help with planning for, prepping, or applying PHL Limestrong Build plaster, consulations services (15, 30 or 60-minute phone conversations) with a lime-plaster pro are available to purchase.

Contact Us. Contact information for product choice help, support questions, and our paid consulting service.