Safe Use and Precautions

LIMESTRONG BUILD PLASTER contains hydrated (slaked) lime, which (because of a high pH) is somewhat caustic. Breathing the powder dust can also cause respiratory irritation. BE SMART. Make the investment of time and needed items to protect yourself. In all situations, if irritation develops, seek medical attention.

SKIN. With prolonged contact, lime plaster can irritate and dehydrate skin. We encourage you to wear protective gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. Coveralls are also a good move. You can further protect your face, neck, hands and forearms with a barrier cream. Protecting your skin, especially when cuts, scrapes or scratches are present, is always worth the effort.

TREATMENT: Wash exposed skin thoroughly after handling lime plaster. Rinse with white vinegar if irritated. Pro applicator hack: a bucket of water splashed with a shot of vinegar is handy to neutralize the bite of lime plaster on skin and to clean tools.

EYES. Please take care to protect eyes when mixing and applying lime plaster. Precautions must be taken to keep airborne powder out of eyes. Also avoid rubbing the eyes with unwashed hands that have been in contact with lime plaster (wet or dry).

TREATMENT: Immediately flush eyes liberally with water for several minutes.

INHALATION. When mixing or sanding lime-based plasters, especially for prolonged periods, wear a particle mask or respirator that covers the nose and mouth.

TREATMENT: If inhaled, move immediately to fresh air.

Download a PDF of the Limestrong Safety Data Sheet (SDS)