Mixing Standard Colors

THIS GUIDE PROVIDES BASE INSTRUCTION for mixing the twenty-one standard colors. Other color options include a Custom Color Service and a Color Development Guide for those wishing to develop their own colors based on the core color pigments of the Limestrong Color System.

For the most accurate representation of the final, cured color, order a physical color swatch of the selected color, otherwise, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND a test batch is mixed and applied to a practice panel and allowed to cure to ascertain the final color result.

Base Information

THE LIMESTRONG BUILD COLOR SYSTEM consists of 8 core colors in powdered pigment form. These pigments are designed for use with our limewash product or to color the finish coat when using Limestrong Build (LSB) Finish plaster. Pigments are sold in single 250g packs and in 2500g (5.5 lbs.) bulk boxes.

MEASURING. To accurately measure pigments, acquire a digital food/kitchen scale that weighs in grams. The scale’s TARE feature will allow you to use a separate lightweight container to hold the pigment on the scale—then transport the pigment to the mix bucket. To use this feature: set the empty container on the scale, then press the TARE button (sometimes labeled ZERO) to reset the displayed weight to zero. Then add pigment to the container until desired weight is reached.

CALCULATION RATIOS. These color/shade (intensity) calculations are based on a ratio of color pigment (by weight, in grams) to a single bag (32 lbs.) of LSB Finish or single bag (10 lbs.) of limewash. The color/shade ratio to mix each color is available via the following:
1) by clicking on a color swatch in the online grid,
2) on the color-specific PDF mix guides linked below, and
3) on the Standard Color Pallet One-Sheet. Mix, apply, and cure a color test batch before beginning finish coat or order a sample swatch of this color.

ONLINE CALCULATORS. We have provided Online calculators to help determine the total pigment needed for a given color for the entire job.

Coloring Finish Plaster

Begin by gathering A single 32 lb. bag of LSB Finish plaster is sized to make a 5-gallon bucket of ready-to-apply finish plaster. Mixing bucket-batches allows better control of color consistency batch to batch. The exception: if/when a single mixer-batch provides enough mud to complete an entire wall, room, or job. Instructions for using powdered color pigments are found in the section about mixing Limestrong Build Finish in the LSB Publication: Mixing Limestrong Build Plaster.

Coloring with Limewash

A single bag of limewash powder is sized to make a 5-gallon bucket of ready-to-apply limewash (See LSB Publication: Coloring Plaster with Limewash). Color ratio calculation is based on applying the recommended TWO coats of limewash. Note that a limewash is not an opaque paint that coats the plaster, but rather creates a thin calcified mineral coating with a subtle matte finish and a soft and porous feel. Limewash is absorbed into the plaster and becomes part of the render, forming an integral bond that will not flake or peel. Limewash is best suited for light-to-medium colored finishes.

Using Liquid Pigments

Liquid pigments can also be used as a colorant. Please see our Mixing Guide (Adding Color: Using Liquid Colorant) for instructions on using liquid pigments to color lime plaster.