leveling coat limestrong lime plaster



If you are new to lime plaster or simply would like to discuss the particulars of an upcoming project, you can schedule a 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute consultation with a lime plaster professional to work through the details and make sure the various aspects are well considered, properly planned, and correctly executed.

How it Works. Choose one of the three time-block options from the drop-down menu below and complete the buy. You will recieve an email with a link to a calendar to select an available date and time for the phone call consultation.

How Long? Some things to consider:

How much time will you need to present the relevant background information on your project particulars?  The Limestrong pro will also ask questions to insure he’s on the same page with you.

What is your level of experience with lime plaster or plastering in general?  Previous experience provides a shared-knowledge baseline to work from. If new to plastering, reading through the tool selection, mixing, application, and troubleshooting guides will position you with a fundamental grasp of terms and processes and help you focus your questions.

How many questions do you have, and what kind of answers are needed?  Confirmation-type and recommendation-type questions are quicker to answer than explanation-type answers that require more background information and a greater level of detail and process instruction.