Once you have determined the total square footage of the surfaces that will recieve a plaster render, use the calculators below to determine how many bags of LSB BINDER, LSB FINISH, LIMEWASH and COLOR PIGMENT need to be ordered. The Binder calculator also figures the cubic yards of PLASTER SAND needed.

calculating how much plaster you need

Coverage Calculator: LSB Binder

Coat One (Scratch Coat)


Coat Two (Leveling Coat)


Coat Three

If not using one of our ready-to-mix FINISH plasters for the third/finish coat, click below to reveal the fields for calculating BINDER needed for third coat.


Binder Totals

(27 cubic feet per cubic yard)

Sand Conversions: 1 cubic foot of plaster sand weighs approximately 100 lbs. (depending on moisture content) and fills a 5-gallon bucket.

Coverage Calculator: Limestrong Finish

If using Limestrong Build FINISH for the third/finish coat, skip the COAT THREE section above and use this calculator to figure how many 32 lb. bags of FINISH plaster (and colorant) you will need.

Finish Coat (Coat Three)

If using LSB COARSE Finish—select 1/4" or 1/8" thickness.
If using LSB FINE Finish—select 1/8" or 1/16" thickness.
If using LSB INTERIOR Finish—select 1/8" thickness.


Colorant (Powdered Pigment)

Dry pigments are sold in 250g packs and in bulk (by the pound).


Coverage Calculator: Limewash

Limewash (base)

Each bag of dry limewash makes 5 gallons of wash. Add either liquid or powdered color pigments. Calculate powdered pigments below.


Limewash Colorant (Powdered Pigment)

Dry pigments are sold in 250g packs, available as singles and/or in bulk boxes (2500g). ORDER pigment packs   |   SEE standard colors